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Volume 1 Issue 1

June 2014

Word's Worth Shakes Spheres: The Art of Reading between the Alphabets
Dr. Chiramel Paul Jose, 
Professor of English, 
Department of Foreign Languages, 
Al Baha University, 
Al Baha, Al Bahah, Saudi Arabia
To arrive at the core of any textual comprehension and ensuing interpretation, it is necessary that each and every word in the text is scrutinized with scientific tools. All the possible connotations and collocations even in connection with the etymological or phonological connections to similar languages must be meticulously analyzed for a fuller understanding of any text. This article is such an attempt to comprehend the poem “The Recommendation” by Richard Crashaw, while in the process highlighting the need for such detailed analysis of all texts.
Reading between the Alphabets; “The Recommendation”; Richard Crashaw
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