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Volume 1 Issue 7

December 2014

A Study of Pragmatism in Robert Frost’s Select Poems
Mr. Debashis Biswas, 
Department of English, 
University of Calcutta, 
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
The poetry of Robert Frost deals not only with the pastoral elements but also with the problems of man living in the modern world dominated by science and technology. His poetry portrays the disintegration of values in modern life and the disillusionment of the modern man. This regret or frustration and disillusionment are due to the sufferings of the people which is the result of their loneliness. His masterly genius is well reflected in his works where he presents the concrete details that constitute the scenes and action from which his poems spring. The pictures and characters are introduced directly from life and they are burnt into his mind as though it were a sensitive plate. It is perhaps the autobiographical influence in his poetry that has made him so adept in the art. He too had a life of struggle and his confronting this harsh, horrible and hostile world made him a true philosopher of life. In his works, there is a reflection of pragmatism. Some of the poems of Robert Frost have been dealt with from his poetry collection to show him nurturing the philosophy. The present paper aims at the study of pragmatism in some of the poems of Robert Frost.
Robert Frost; Pragmatism; Philosophy.
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