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Volume 1 Issue 7

December 2014

Seal out of the Water: A Symbolic Journey of a Woman towards Liberation in Doris Lessing’s The Summer before the Dark
Dr. Aradhana G. Vaidya, 
AssociateProfessor& Head, 
Department of English, 
Bharatiya Mahavidylaya, 
Amravati, Maharashtra, India
Doris Lessing is a declared feministic, while portraying the characters of her novels. Her major works indicate her inclination of probing into the women’s world and exposing some very blatant yet unspoken facts of the women’s world. In the present novel, The Summer before the Dark, Lessing unveils a story which seems familiar but which has never been spoken of. Does a women’s world end after she crosses the mature age of 40? Should she simple become an invisible shadow in the house or can she still strive to carve an identity for her? Should the neglect and ‘taken for granted’ attitude of the family be accepted as part and parcel of womanhood or should she make her presence felt in whichever way she can? Does she have a right to life? The questions are innumerable and the answer demands lots of courage and strength. Doris Lessing provides answer to all the questions in the novel and finally with the Seal reaching the water she liberates the protagonist.
Doris Lessing; The Summer before the Dark; Feminism; Identity; self-redemption
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