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Volume 7 Issue 7

December 2014

Turbulence of Identity: Resisting Patriarchy in Jaishree Misra’s Ancient Promises
Ms. AP. Sruthi, 
Department of Indian and World Literatures, 
The English and Foreign Languages University, 
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
The present paper tries to explore how Jaishree Misra's semi- autobiographical novel Ancient Promises looks into the unhealthy customs and traditions which involves female subjugation, suppression of identities and the pitiable voiceless condition of women in India. Misra specifies, how the institution of marriage becomes a burden and how being a hybrid individual can create conflicts in a patriarchal society. The paper explores the journey of Janu who survives the strong clutches of patriarchy and attain self-affirmation. Misra’s story reiterates the significance of universal quest of women for self-realization and self-expression. The paper tries to cross-examine the ideas of resistance, cultural dislocation, and the concept of ‘unhome’ in feminist perspective.
Identity; Hybridity; Double Consciousness; Unhome; Diaspora; Jaishree Misra; Ancient Promises.
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