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Volume 1 Issue 8

January 2015

Wickedness in the Guise of Courtesy: A Critical Reading of "The Open Window" by H.H. Munro alias Saki
Dr. E.A. Gamini Fonseka, 
Professor of English, 
English Language Teaching Unit, 
University of Ruhuna, 
Matara, Southern Province, Sri Lanka
The short story, “The Open Window” by H.H. Munro, covers the strange way in which Framton Nuttel's visit to Mrs Sappleton ends. The ordeal Framton Nuttel faces in the course of waiting for his host suggests that the innocent-looking Vera turns him into a cynosure of everybody’s laughter through a wicked lie that unfolds like a ghost story. Based on his personal experiences as a person who was born to Scottish parents and bred in Burma and had later joined the English community in Britain, Munro suggests that, in the Victorian-Edwardian society of England, strangers were not respected as fellow human beings.
Framton Nuttel; Vera; "The Open Window"; H.H. Munroe; Saki.
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