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Volume 7 Issue 8

January 2015

Narrative Schizophrenia or Crossing Boundaries: The Postmodern Predicament of Time and Space in Rushdie’s The Enchantress of Florence
Mr. Sunil Kumar, 
Department of Indian & World Literature, 
The English and Foreign Languages University, 
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Salman Rushdie’s The Enchantress of Florence, set in fifteenth century and sixteenth century India and Europe, blends historical events, fantasy and fable that make the narrative blurred, multi-vocal and attempts to undo the standard histories and complexities of two different cultures by bringing together fictitious characters with historical figures. In his nonlinear and horizontal approach to history, Rushdie unfolds the narrative amidst the global moments that anticipate and prefigure the modern era. The connection between Florence and India is etablished by the European visitor, a long lost relative of Mughal emperor Akbar, born to an exiled Indian princess and an Italian father in Florence. The narrative moves between two continents in time and space, the court of Akbar to renaissance Florence, mixing history, fiction and fantasy. This kind of transgression among genres, a common feature of postmodern fiction, creates fragmentation and ruptures in plot, characters, and factual references of the novel. It also justifies the postmodernist claim of inaccessibility to the representation of reality through narrative and interpretations. Foregrounding such axial propositions, the paper explores how the narrative in the novel, is liberated beyond national boundaries in time and space by using intertextuality, parody, magic realism and the like. In addition, the paper explores how historical fiction like The Enchantress of Florence blurs the dichotomies of fantasy and historical records, and thereafter questions the nature and responsibility of fiction.
Narrative Schizophrenia; Historiographic Metafiction; Intertextuality; Magic Realism; Salman Rushdie; The Enchantress of Florence.
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