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Volume 1 Issue 3

August 2014

English for Indian Engineering Graduates: Learning and Teaching Strategies
Dr. Dhishna Pannikot, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management, 
National Institute of Technology, 
Surathkal, Karnataka, India
English language has greater relevance in the Indian educational system. Taking into consideration the engineering graduates, learning English has a larger role to play. It enhances the skills, especially in interpersonal communication, as well as provides greater scope for employability in the Indian and International levels. The problem still persists in the approach taken by the graduates towards studying this language as a part of curricula. There is an element of casualness among the Indian students, with which the students approach English language learning as they had already acquired the basic skills in their matriculation levels of learning. Sensitizing students on the need to enhance their language skills is the major challenge that the Indian English Teacher face in the present and this is the chief concern of this study. A change in this system of learning is possible mainly by making the graduates conscious of the outcome of their learning process. Comparisons between the language skills taught in matriculation and graduation in the Indian context of English language teaching would be made. The method used for this study is random data sampling to understand the psyche of the learners through non standardised questionnaire. For this study, two hundred and fifty first year graduates from varied engineering branches of National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India had been selected. Data analysis would be done through the use of SPSS tools. The study is of greater significance as similar models of approach can be practiced in other countries for enhancing English language learning skills among graduates.
Outcome based language learning, Participatory Learning, Co-operative learning, Project-Based Learning, Foreign Language Acquisition, Engineering Graduates.
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