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Volume 7 Issue 9

January 2015

Home and Away: A Study of Diasporic Sensibility in Uma Parmeswaran’s Rootless but Green Are the Boulevard Trees
Ms. Manisha N. Rathod, 
Research Scholar, 
Department of English, 
Andhra University, 
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
Diaspora has captured the contemporary global spirit of the age. In a recent panoptical overview,it has been noted that Diaspora while once, it was an object of suspicion has now become one of the fascination moving from being historically and politically loaded concept to a neutral and a ‘catch all’ world. Literatures of the enslaved, the socially, ethnically, politically and sexually unprivileged, the migrant, the diasporic and the colonised could all claim an equal stake in hitherto hegemonic spaces occupied by the literatures and cultures of the empowered nations and ethnic groups. In spite of the physical and psychic involved in being dislocated and relocating across boundaries, the ultimate feeling one gets about these works is its positive nature. These texts are not merely of being dislocated or being unhomed, but embody discourse that tries to move beyond boundaries.
Diaspora; Alienation; Nostalgia; Uma Parmeswaran; Rootless but Green Are the Boulevard Trees.
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