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Volume 1 Issue 9

February 2015

Stylistic Analysis of Two Different Translations of Manto’s Short Story “Boo”
Mr. Ravinder Kumar, 
Department of English, 
Central University of Haryana, 
Mahendergarh, Haryana, India
Sadat Hasan Manto, remembered as one of the prominent short story writers during the period of partition of India-Pakistan in 1947, enjoys fame amongst the literary world of both countries, and is considered a common writer of Indo-Pak. “Boo” is one of his masterpieces translated by Khalid Hasan and Ahmad & Reeck as “Odour” and “Smell”, respectively. Generally it is perceived that it requires a lot to present the inner world of the characters in translation when it comes to stories. While attempting the translation from Source Language (SL) to Target Language (TL), it is equally difficult to maintain and reproduce the stylistic aspects. Stylistic analysis in this paper is attempted on “linguistic level” of text such as lexical level, grammatical level, figures of speech, cohesion and context.
Saadat Hasan Manto; Stylistics; Source Language; Target Language; Linguistic Level.
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