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Volume 1 Issue 9

February 2015

Spiritual Quest in the Select Poems of Robert Lowell
Dr. P. Renuga, 
Associate Professor, 
Department of English, 
Sri G.V.G. Visaalakshi College for Women, 
Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu, India
This paper seeks to explore the spiritual anguish experienced by Robert Lowell, a postmodern poet of America. As a representative poet of his age, Lowell reflects through his poetry the contemporary man’s failure to penetrate into the existing human value system. The unfolding drama of Lowell’s religious experience exhibits his spiritual nausea that envelops him from which the parched soul longed to be liberated. The soul’s complete subjugation, its helplessness before God and the experiences of the ‘sinking soul’ are the necessary prelude to mystical ecstasy. Further, Lowell’s illumination, spiritual regeneration, and the reaffirmation of God’s covenant with man are explored. It is established that man requires a religion which is both scientific and rational.
Robert Lowell; Spiritual Anguish; Regeneration; Religion; Rational.
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