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Volume 1 Issue 9

February 2015

A Study of Psychology of Female Writing in Juliet Mitchell’s “Femininity, Narrative and Psychoanalysis”
Ms. K. Gayathri Menon, 
Department of Studies in English, 
Kannur University, 
Thrissur, Kerala, India
Knowledge explosion is the key term that defines our present era where man is always on his way to unlock doors which exposes him into the treasure house of new knowledge, discoveries and developments. Moreover, globalization and information technology had hastened mankind’s dive not only into the mines of the unexplored domains of our universe but also even to the nether world. All these triggers a paradigm shift and thus each second man’s life on earth is entangled to various institutions as well as modes of knowledge. The whole world has been transformed to a web of inter connections and each one of us are actually trapped among almost all the strata of worldly existence. It is difficult for us to demarcate different disciplines of thought and here lies the significance of interdisciplinary knowledge. Psychoanalytic feminists explain women’s subjugation in terms of its origin within the psychic structures of the society. For them the incessant reiteration of relational dynamics formed during infancy defines this oppression. An investigation into the role of female writers in a patriarchal society with reference to the essay called “Femininity, narrative and Psychoanalysis” written by Juliet Mitchell is intended by this study.
Psychoanalysis; Gender; Phallogocentrism; Hysteria; Juliet Mitchell.
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