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Volume 1 Issue 10

March 2015

A Critical Study of Updike’s Portrayal of the Maples
Dr. K. Lakshmi Devi, 
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, 
JNTUA College of Engineering, 
Kadapa, , India
John Updike is widely regarded as one of the dominant American literary figures of the Post-War era. His major characters include women as well as men who are remarkable in American fiction. Updike’s prose springs not from self-indulgence but from self-discipline. It proves his fidelity to the sources of his passion. He has created the couples of Tarbox, Massachusetts affectionately and respectfully. Each is treated with dignity, the struggles of each call forth reader’s sympathy. Updike is best remembered for his domestic fiction and it is on this basis, he is judged as a great writer. No Updike’s character has a greater flair for the dramatic than Joan and Richard Maple, whose troubled marriage sprawls across eighteen Updike stories, written over four decades. They are the best he created. The present paper critically analyses the portrayal of the Maples by Updike.
John Updike; The Maples; Tarbox.
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