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Volume 1 Issue 11

April 2015

Wole Soyinka’s A Play of Giants: A Satire on African Sociopolitical Intrigues
Mr. Amol Digambar Khedekar, 
Department of English, 
Matsyodari Shikshan Sanstha's Arts, Commerce and Science College, 
Jalna, Maharashtra, India
This analysis is a critical investigation into the socio-political scenario of Africa as discussed in Wole Soyinka’s A Play of Giants. It also discusses how far this play can be read as a satire on the evil power politics of the world. The African leader’s obsession to power, cruelty and corruption ignoring the past glorious tradition of their countries, leading to the marginalization of its subjects into the hands of poverty and death are also dealt with here. The main characters who represents despotism includes Field-Marshal Kamini (late Idi Amin, deposed president of Uganda), Emperor Kasco (Jean-Bedel Bokassa, former Emperor of the Central African Republic), Benefacio Gunema (late President Macias Nguema of Equatorial Guinea), and General Barra Tuboum (late President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire). This paper has tried to probe deep regarding the features of power and its change, the mockery of power politics and the need for justice and equality among human beings. It reveals how Wole Soyinka has tried to echo the necessity of a humanitarian change through the portrayal of stark realities.
Politics; Power; Satire; Wole Soyinka; A Play of Giants.
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