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Volume 1 Issue 11

April 2015

Virtual Neocolonialism: The Postmodern War of Economies
Mr. Subhadip Konar, 
Junior Research Fellow, 
Department of English, 
The University of Burdwan, 
Burdwan, West Bengal, India
Neocolonialism is nothing but the continuation of colonialism sans military conquest and political control. The colonialism and neocolonialism, both zero in on the exploitation of the economy of a country. Neocolonialism operates in a subtle and silent way. But the most significant point is that geographical places used to play an indispensable role; though colonialism is all about economy, the geographical ‘real’ places are profoundly important. Colonialism could not be established unless the territory was under absolute control of the coloniser. Neocolonialism so far has not negated the importance of the ‘real’ places. But the neocolonialism of the virtual world wipes this out.
Virtual Neocolonialism; Postmodern Era; Colonialism; Literary Theory.
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