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Volume 1 Issue 11

April 2015

Projection of Feminine Self in Manju Kapur’s Novels
Ms. S. Sobana, 
Guest Faculty, 
Department of English, 
Mother Teresa Women’s University (Chennai Campus), 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Dr. P. Jeyappriya, 
Associate Professor, 
Department of English and Foreign Languages, 
Mother Teresa Women’s University, 
Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India
Women writers in India are moving forward with their strong and sure strides, matching with the pace of the world. They are recognized for their originality, resourcefulness and the indigenous flavour of the soil that is reflected in their works. Manju Kapur occupies a significant place among the contemporary women novelists who concern themselves with the problems of women and their quest for identity. Her protagonists are modern, educated young women, crushed under the weight of a male- dominated and tradition-bond society. Her attempt to give an honest portrayal of their feelings, disappointments and frustrations makes her novels susceptible to treatment from the feminist angle.
Manju Kapur; Difficult Daughters; A Married Woman; Home; The Immigrant.
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