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Volume 1 Issue 11

April 2015

Language, Religion and Politics: A Comparative Analysis of Arabuttamil and Arabi-Malayalam
Mr. Yunush Ahamed Mohamed Sherif, 
Department of Cultural Studies, 
The English and Foreign Languages University, 
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Before the colonial intervention there were no standardized languages and each community had their own way of writing system according to their own convenience. This was the case with the Muslims who settled in the Southern part of India during the seventh and eighth century. The Arab traders were in contact with South India well before the advent of Islam and when Islam started spreading around the world, the Arab traders brought Islam to the shores of south India too. Many Indians started converting to Islam and Arab traders started inter-marrying the local people thereby converting them to Muslims. Earlier those who were two different communities and were brought in contact for trade purposes now are united by a common religion. Now a necessity for a common language arose and thus giving birth to a link language which we identify today as Arabi Malayalam and Arabuttamil. The Muslims living around the western coast or the Malabar region started using Arabi-Malyalam and the people living around the eastern-coast started using Arabuttamil. Though the circumstances that gave rise to these link languages are similar, because of their regional and cultural differences, it gave rise to two different link languages. It must be kept in mind that before the 12th century Malayalam and Tamil were not identified as two different languages, instead they were identified as Tamil despite their internal differences. Therefore it can be said that identifying these two different link languages as Arabi-Malayalam and Arabuttamil must be a recent phenomenon and during the early stages of its development these languages might have been known as another way of writing Tamil.
Arabi-Malayalam; Arabuttamil; Language; Religion; Politics.
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