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Volume 1 Issue 12

May 2015

Anecdotes of Tempestuous Childhood in Sally Morgan’s My Place
Mr. Kuruvella Babu Shankar Rao, 
Department of English, 
University of Hyderabad, 
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
This paper attempts to represent the childhood of ‘stolen generations’ as Sally Morgan, an Australian Aboriginal writer, depicts in her autobiography/’ethno-autobiography’; My Place (1987). Some of the significant issues discussed are; general concept of childhood, the way colonialism in Australia moulds the childhood of the Aboriginals, the manner in which Aboriginal Protection Acts devastate the innocent childhood of the Aboriginals, the type of nightmarish experiences Aboriginal children go through in their tender age, the kind of juvenile memory these kids possess, and the impact memory plays in their lives when they recall their reminiscences, the manner these experiences of childhood affect their present as well as future generations, if affects, the reasons and process they affect, whether these children really have the so-called childhood or forced to be adults by the social structures they live in.
Sally Morgan; Stolen generations; Aboriginals; Colonialism; Ethno-autobiographies; Aboriginal Protection Acts; My Place.
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