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Volume 2 Issue 12

June 2015

Ecofeminism: A Study of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple
Ms. C.M. Dhanyashree, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of English, 
Government First Grade College, Vijayanagar, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Ecofeminism is a social and political movement claiming a considerable common ground between environmentalism and feminism. Ecofeminism is relatively a new part of the feminist movement. Ecofeminism embraces the idea that the oppression of women and destruction of nature are closely connected. Oppression based on gender, class and races are directly connected to the destruction of environment. Women are seen as being domestic, pure, gentle, kind, graceful and beautiful. Therefore nature is seen as the embodiment of all the characteristics that women possess. When nature is discussed in literature there are usually feminine references to the issues of the life cycle such as fertility and reproduction. The references to reproduction and fertility may symbolize the continuity of nature. Women are responsible for the continuity of the human-life so they are often associated with seasons. This paper tries to interpret Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Color Purple from the point of view of Ecofeminism. Walker, an Afro-American feminist writer, contributes to the idea of ecofeminism in this novel. The novelist talks about the prejudices against the black women and the abuse of nature by the male characters. Throughout the novel women are seen as sexual objects but they overcome the oppression. At the same time the nature also gives a warning to the oppressor.
Ecofeminism; Alice Walker; The Color Purple.
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