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Volume 2 Issue 12

June 2015

Digital Research in Literature
Mr. Showkat Hussain, 
Department of English, 
Maulana Azad National Urdu University, 
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
In the recent years there has been much deliberation about the use of digital technology in arts and humanities research. Keeping in view the limitations of traditional critical expression and interpretation of complex, multi-layered or multi-faceted works of human imagination the new advancements in digital technology can used exploited to widen the limits of literary and other humanities research. Digital technologies give people whether readers, teachers, scholars, and critics a better representation and access to literary works. Therefore, digital technologies are increasingly important to arts and humanities research, expanding the horizons of research methods in all aspects of data capture, investigation, analysis, modeling, presentation and dissemination. Digital research in humanities is a multi-disciplinary approach which crosses boundaries between computer science and humanities disciplines such as cultural anthropology, archaeology, classics, English, history, modern languages and literatures, library science, and the arts. The emphasis is on humanities as a whole rather than specific discipline. This use of digital technology helps in the development of new and innovative scholarly tools. With the use of these innovative research tools we can explore literary and other texts from various perspectives which were not possible in the traditional modes of research. Largely, however, the emphasis is on the humanities, and teachers/scholars may be engaged in creating new approaches to understanding the humanities through technological means. Therefore, it is need of the hour to integrate research and digital technologies for the advancement of knowledge.
Digital; Humanities; Data Mining; Hardware; Software; Data; Text Analysis; Quantification.
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