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Volume 2 Issue 12

August 2015

An Allegory of Multicultural India: Ananthamurthy’s Samskara
Ms. Darsana Vijayaraghavan, 
Department of English, 
Bharathiar University, 
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
In his Afterword to the English Translation of Samskara, A.K.Ramanujan discusses the manifold meanings of the word samskara (Ramanujan, 39), and then observes that these various meanings taken together inform the action of the novel. The most crucial event which forms the fulcrum of the central action in the novel is the death of Naranappa and the question of his cremation or samskara. So the novel seems to be mainly about Naranappa’s creamation or samskara. But a close reading reveals that the question of Naranappa’s cremation recedes to the background, and it is replaced by new problems which are more serious and complex than the physical cremation. In short, Naranappa’s samskara provides the novelist with an occasion to debate the complexities of various aspects of Indian culture, present and past.
Ananthamurthy; Samskara; Allegory; Multiculturalism.
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