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Volume 2 Issue 5

October 2015

Women Critics and Malayalam Literary Criticism: A Brief History of Literary Marginalisation
Ms. A. Najda, 
Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in English, 
Farook College, 
Calicut, , India

Dr. M.A. Sajitha, 
Assistant Professor, 
Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in English, 
Farook College, 
Calicut, Kerala, India
This paper discusses the history and development of women’s literature in Kerala in general and critical writing tradition in particular. There exists a biased notion that criticism is masculine. The space for women in literary criticism is negligible. The reduced literary social cultural participation of women is proportional to their lesser literary engagements. Unlike in creative writing, to establish themselves in the field of literary criticism, women writers have overcome more hurdles. Critics like M. Leelavathi, J. Devika, P. Geetha, Shamshad Hussain etc. hold on to this area breaking and re-writing many myths of and on literature. Their reviews and critical studies are widely acclaimed. The women writers of Kerala still do not have public or private literary cultural spaces to promote their literary talents. The literacy achievements of the state have not completely succeeded in changing the attitude towards women writers.
Women Writers; Kerala; Literary Criticism; Male Dominance.
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