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Volume 2 Issue 12

October 2015

A Study of Female Sufferings in Batya Swift Yasgur’s Behind the Burqa and Sharon E. McKay’s Thunder over Kandahar
Ms. J. Yuvarani, 
Guest Lecturer, 
Department of English, 
L.R.G. Government Arts College for Women, 
Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India
The persistent condition of conflict and violence in Afghanistan, continuing for almost fifty years, has caused huge destruction in terms of human and material losses. It has also led to a radical transformation in its socio-cultural fabric almost irreversibly. Because of their vulnerable position in its society, the Afghan women have endured a tough existence as they came to grips with a double subjugation in the form of patriarchal authority and the oppression emanating from the persistent conditions of the conflict. This paper studies the vital subject of Afghan women’s experience as narrated in Batya Swift Yasgur’s Behind the Burqa and Sharon E. McKay’s Thunder over Kandahar. In the light of these novels, this paper argues how during a critical phase in Afghanistan’s history, the conditions of violence and conflict magnified the oppression on its women. By contextualising the Afghan women’s experience in a specific set of historical, political and social factors, this would hopefully offer an alternative view of the condition of Afghan women rather than the usual stereotyped descriptions.
Conflict; Violence; Patriarchy.
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