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Volume 2 Issue 6

November 2015

Aspect of Culture in Amitav Ghosh’s In an Antique Land
Mr. A. Cruz Thivagaran, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of English, 
JP College of Engineering, Aiykudy, 
Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu, India
Amitav Ghosh’s fiction conspicuously portrays the complexity of various cultures in the past as well as in the post-modern world. Majority of his novels represent his interpretation of history and the world and their influence on life and society. In an Antique Land is a strange conglomeration of history, social anthropology, memoir and travel writing weaved together by the novelist’s unique narrative art. The theme of cross-culturalism is firstly discussed in this novel with the character Ben Yiju. Ben Yiju was a Jewish merchant. Ben Yiju was a multi-faceted personality. He was a poet, calligrapher, businessman all rolled in to one. His slave was Bomma. The identity of the slave is portrayed by Ghosh with a careful piecing together of details in manuscripts rescued mainly from Geniza.
Complex; Confusing; Identity; Treasures; Expatriate; Multilingual Culture.
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