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Volume 2 Issue 7

December 2015

Eco-Feminism in Anita Desai’s Fire on the Mountain
Dr. S. Alexander, 
Associate Professor & Head, 
Department of English, 
Government Arts College, 
Karur, Tamil Nadu, India

Ms. M. Priya, 
Department of English, 
Government Arts College, 
Karur, Tamil Nadu, India
Anita Desai, a subtle writer, belongs to the generation of novelists on the Indian English scene. Her fifth novel Fire on the Mountain published in 1977 in London placed her reputation as one of the best Indian English novelists. It is the Hindi translation of Academy award winning novel and she received National Academy of Letters Award for Fire on the Mountain in the year 1978. It is the most explicit novel on feminism and the title of the novel Fire on the Mountain is suggestive of the revolt of the new generation of women against a world dominated by harsh and cruel men. The title has its symbolic meaning which points out the Nature symbolism. The novel Fire on the Mountain is set in Kasauli, a hill station which is focused on three women and their experiences in life.
Anita Desai; Fire on the Mountain; Eco-Feminism.
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