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Volume 2 Issue 7

December 2015

Women in Pakistani Society: Their Two Faces
Ms. Disha Vidyarthi, 
Department of English, 
Birsa College, 
Khunti, Jharkhand, India
Women in the Frontier Region of Pakistani society such as remote Punjab, distant Blauchistan, Sindh and Swat Valley are vulnerable, invalidated souls subjected to severe ‘Pashtunwali code’ that literally treats woman as property and not as person, thereby reducing them to commodity for man to quench their libido only. Man there wields relentless proprietorial lust and prides over them; a woman is there a rotten apple, unvoiced and undemanding creature subjected to strangulating silence marked by utter lack of resilience. John Keats somewhere expresses his dejection “I’m in a state of mind that if I were underwater I would not try to come out.” This is the damned state of dejection that women in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Area) of Frontier Pakistan. Women there are captive souls of man’s square world, too battered for any sense of freedom. Their destiny is under man’s control as man disregards them and treats them as living assets and not as humans. They are caught in the classic trap of marriage without dignity and worth.
Pakistani Women; Pashtunwali Code; Male Chauvinism.
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