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Volume 2 Issue 8

January 2016

Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day: Facing the Truth between the Lines of History
Ms. Meltem Uzunoğlu Erten, 
Instructor, Dr., 
School of Foreign Languages, 
Pamukkale University, 
Denizli, Denizli, Turkey
The credibility of history has been a subject of debate since Aristotle. While countries have official histories to explain, honor or justify their past, what makes a certain history acceptable is connected with authority. Thus, official histories lack diversity similar to the rewritten histories of the colonized countries by colonizers. However, silenced stories of individuals lost between the lines of official histories come to the surface over time like the ones people face after the colonizers’ departure. This paper, therefore, attempts to analyze the story of Stevens who faces the truth as a result of the changes in politics and his life. Ishiguro discusses the matter in individual terms of Stevens, yet he draws a parallelism between him and the once colonized countries, which make it worth to deal whether facing the truth is a relief for Stevens or for the once colonized nations.
Ishiguro; History; Colonization; Multiple Histories.
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