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Volume 2 Issue 9

April 2016

The Parent-Child Relation in Khaled Hosseiniís The Kite Runner
Ms. Neha Raghav, 
Department of English, 
University of Rajasthan, 
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
This paper will seek to analyse the parent-child relation as presented in the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Khaled Hosseini is an Afghanistan born and America resident author. Parent-child relation is an important concern in world literature. It is one of the prime concerns in the novel. All the important characters in the novel have different relation with their parents. Even the relation of a child varies, from that with father and the mother. The parent-child relations keep on evolving in the novel. The paper will look into the longing for love, conflict and warmth which are an important aspect of parent-child relation in the novel. All the characters, major as well as minor have conflicting as well loving relation with one of the parent. The protagonist Amir himself has longing for his fatherís love. The parent- child relation has been asserted symbolically also. The novel is a realistic portrayal of the parent-child relation, with both its sorrows and happiness.
Parent-child; Longing; Love; Hatred; Differences.
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