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Volume 1 Issue 3

August 2014

Theorizing Contemporary Post-Colonial Fiction: Modern African Literature
Mr. JS Jahangir, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of English, 
Iqbal College, 
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
The globe has patience to hold the callous men but man is so cruel towards his fellow beings. He is excited in satiating his materialistic gains. This has now been formally inaugurated by the introduction of globalization. It keeps the nation state distinctions live as first world, second world and also the third world nations. Third world nations, which fall within the paradigm of past colonization has an ocean of literary as well as cultural history to speak. This speech is in the form of violence and an outcome of large protest. These literary outputs, particularly fiction are theorized in this article. The article tries to examine different works encompassing different perspectives to shape a theory.
Third world nations, Postcolonial literatures, Colonial discourse, Edward Said, Other, Orientalism, Franz Fanon, National model, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Chinua Achebe, Negritude, Black Woman, Womanism.
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