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Volume 2 Issue 10

July 2016

Teaching of English to the Mothers of First Generation Learners: A Socio Linguistic and Humanistic Approach of ELT
Ms. N. Benita, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of English, 
Holy Cross College, 
Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India
The importance of parental support with regard to helping the student face educational challenges is a fact that cannot be ignored especially in the case of a first generation learner. They are the first in the family to step into the hallowed halls of a college. They are the offspring of those unfortunate parents who could not avail the opportunity to attend a college but made sure that their children did not suffer in the same way as they saw college education as an escape route out of poverty. In India, like elsewhere in the world they are usually, they come from lower middle class families, are the children of agricultural labourers, bonded labourers, civic sanitation helpers and the like with little or no educational background. The first generation students have a familial backdrop which has academic insufficiency and economic backwardness as its prominent contours.
English Language Teaching; Mothers of First Generation Learners; Socio-Linguistic and Humanistic Approach.
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