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Volume 2 Issue 11

October 2016

Women in Graham Greene’s Entertainments and Thrillers with special reference to Stamboul Train
Dr. Meena Malik, 
Department of English, 
NDRI Deemed University, 
Karnal, Haryana, India
Greene depicts women as marginalized characters in most of the novels and thrillers. He provides many insights into women’s lives and experiences that are relevant for feminist analysis. Women in Greene’s Stamboul Train are destined to suffer and their treatment seldom transcends the prejudices of the patriarchal society. By and large, woman in Greene is the victim of her vicious circumstances. He throws subtle hints of female subservience in a male dominated universe. Most of the time, woman is found looking for some support and protection as she lacks confidence to manage herself in an estranged and hostile world. She is completely bogged down by the inherent gender conditioning and becomes representative feminine figure of fragmented self-symbolizing emotional repression and sexual inhibition. On the contrary, the woman like ‘manly’ Mabel Warren, who shows a bit of courage to swim against the current, is unable to reconcile the contradictory needs of the self and constantly struggles in vain for a more authentic being. All through, she is found suffering from inferiority complex and a sense of failure that acts as an obstacle in her quest for wholeness and a full life.
Marginalization; Alienation; Subservience; Gender; Oppression.
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