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Volume 3 Issue 1

June 2017

Feminist Views in Toni Morrison’s Novel Sula
Ms. C. S. Kanthimathi, 
Department of English, 
LRG College for Women, 
Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India
Toni Morrison is one of the foremost contemporary African—American women novelists awarded Nobel Prize for literature in 1993. She examines individual conscience, reality identifying the new affiliation to his or her history through different perspectives hoping if she is true to her experience, it will be universally meaningful dealing with diversity, division, politics, pop culture above all emphasizing significant feminist views hitherto unobserved by other feminist writers. Morrison’s fictional characters could be analysed from feminist views because they confront with cultural issues of gender, class as well as race. She brings into focus the feminist views of black race as they are voiceless people. She advocates that they should thwart white feminist views forced upon them which created the worst social disorder in the human society. She believes that both the black and white can live together once they overcome the race consciousness and colour discrepancy recognizing the feminism from either side as one or equal.
Toni Morrison; Sula; Feminist Views.
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