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Volume 3 Issue 2

July 2017

Resilience of Dalit Literature: A Critical Assessment of Telugu Dalit Literature
Mr. K. Shiva Prasad, 
Post Graduate, 
Department of English, 
Palamoor University, 
Mahabub Nagar, , India
When only a few caste Hindus can speak and write or have voice and oppress many by setting agenda, to break this conspiracy the voiceless should speak, write and carve out an alternative literary expression. Dalit literature does not grow out of literary discussion or praxis of writers. It is social movement invested in the battle against injustice and driven by the hope of freedom, and not simply a literary trend or a formal development. This literature encompasses diverse form of intellectual and creative activities by the writers who as untouchables, have been victims of economic, social, cultural and political inequality. The orality, authenticity, literary expression, cultural rootedness, ethics of politics, shared experiences and struggle for liberation of Dalit Literature are resisting the canon of literature in both English and Indian vernaculars. This paper outlines the major cultural shifts, contribution and critical articulation about resilience of Dalit Literature in Telugu speaking lands.
Dalit Literature; Telugu Dalit Writings; Resilience.
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