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Volume 3 Issue 3

November 2017

Crossing: A Journey Within and Beyond in Alice Walker’s By the Light of My Father’s Smile
Ms. Diamond Oberoi Vahali, 
Associate Professor, 
School of Letters, 
Ambedkar University, 
Delhi, Delhi, India
This paper offers a detailed analysis of Alice Walker’s By the Light of My Father’s Smile. It delves into themes related to love, sexuality, trauma, forgiveness and acceptance on the one hand and on the other, analyses the oppression of women across cultures and the oppression of the indigenous people of Mexico by the White world. It delves into the worldview of the Mundo tribe that establishes connections between humans, nature and animals. In this worldview love and sexuality are celebrated as against the Christian worldview where they are repressed and curtailed. The paper analyses the manner in which the white men destroyed other cultures and yet the novel affirms the value of forgiveness and the need for the victims to emerge out of their victimhood and help their oppressors to cross over by forgiving them.
Love; Forgiveness; Mundo worldview; White world; Oppression; and Patriarchy.
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