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Volume 3 Issue 1

July 2017

A Study of Major Themes in Robert Frost’s Poems
Ms. M.E. Faridha Begum, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of English, 
Thiru. Vi. Ka. Government Arts College, Thiruvarur, 
Thanjavur Dt., Tamil Nadu, India

Dr. A. Mohamed Mohideen, 
Principal and Head, 
PG & Research Department of English, 
Khadir Mohideen College, 
Adirampattinam, Thanjavur Dt., Tamil Nadu, India
The purpose of this research article is to highlight Robert Frost’s love towards nature. According to Frost Nature is not only a background for poetry, but it is the soul in his works. Communication or lack of communication is an important in many of Frost’s poems. In rural areas of New England, duty is the most important value. So it is not surprising that Frost applies this as one of the major themes in his poetry. Frost has more chances to find metaphysical meaning in everyday tasks and explore the relationship between mankind and nature the glimpses of rural life in his poetry.
Nature; Pastoral; Duty; Rationality; Isolation; and Imagination.
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