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Volume 3 Issue 6

February 2018

The Ancient Greek Philosophers and the Function of Literature in Modern Techno-Space
Mr. S. Karthick, 
Assistant Professor & Head, 
P.G. Department of English, 
Bharathidasan University Constituent College, 
Lalgudi, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India
In an age of breakdown and disorder, that has seen the collapse of traditional beliefs, augmented by loss of spiritual and moral certainty, we human beings, with the aid of scientific and technological advancement, catalyst disorder by dropping bombs, by exhausting natural resources, and by being a threat to the entire eco-system and to fellow human beings for our material and sensual ends. However, the human soul is quintessentially ‘good’ and always craves for ‘order’. The objective of this paper is to show that literature is one of the forms in arts, which presents a sample of ‘order’, capable of permeating and setting the same kind of resonation in a receptive soul that had been dampened down from its normal function by material super flux and technological destructive interference. The paper begins with the views of Hesoid and Anaxogoras on moral order and well-ordered nature respectively. Then it explores Plato’s philosophy on art and society. Followed by an analysis of Poetics as Aristotle’s answer to Plato and a study of Longinus’ On Sublimity, the paper synthesizes the function of literature in the modern world.
Greek Philosophers; Function of Literature; and Modern Techno-Space.
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