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Volume 3 Issue 7

March 2018

In Memoriam: An Expression of Victorian Religious Doubts and Scientific Development
Mr. P.A. Steward, 
Department of English, 
CMJ University, 
Jorabat, Meghalaya, India
The Victorian Age was a period of the advancement of science leading to a huge upheaval in the thought. New theories came into conflict with the age old faith and the ancient intellectual order was shaken at its foundation. The philosophical, religious and the scientific revolutionary theories which shook the Victorian Age were clearly reflected in the poem by Alfred Tennyson. The question of death and the survival after death and the existence of a loving God have been confirmed in the poem. The poet at the same time accepts the growing knowledge of science having more reverence for God. The doubts and the anxiety expressed in the poem reflect the feelings of thoughtful persons of the Victorian Age when they were confronted by new scientific theories.
Victorian Age; Religious Doubts; and Scientific Development.
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