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Volume 3 Issue 7

March 2018

The Depiction of Decaying Culture in An Abbreviated Child: Gloom to Bloom by Rita Garg
Dr. Manjusha Kaushik, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of English, 
Kanya Gurukul Campus, G.K.V. , 
Haridwar, Uttrakhand, India
Culture is a way of life. It is a powerful tool for survival. It has different meanings for different persons. For some, it is a good literature, art and music and for others it is a belief and behaviour. Rita Garg’s novel An Abbreviated Child: Gloom to Bloom has efficiently shown the picture of decaying culture of the present society, where on one side, there are characters that represent progressive society, while others show the decaying society. The present society which is involved in its own world has neglected the generation of old cultures which have played a key role in its development. Through her characters, she has depicted various aspects of present society. In her novel, she shows the life and misery of the labour class and labouring women. The poor women practice ‘opium licking’ on their children and the latter become alcoholics. This she has shown through the character of Kalia. His mother, like other mothers or motherly women, did so under compulsion but the decay of culture uncoils itself to the core. As due to the effect of globalization, though people are getting appreciation, education and knowledge but they are losing their customs and traditions which were the boon to them. Our culture is decaying because people are neglecting their traditions, manners, rituals and customs in search of money, status, power and pelf. They are very far away from the real life. They are adopting the western culture blindly without knowing whether it is good or bad.
Culture; Cultural Study; Opium Licker; Decay; Shivalik Hills; Poverty; Labour; and Education.
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