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Volume 1 Issue 4

September 2014

Women’s Quest for Identity: A Global Perspective
Dr. Md. Firoz Alam, 
Department of English, 
Magadh Mahila College, 
Patna, Bihar, India
This paper proposes to examine the issue of the woman's quest for identity with reference to three different contexts: the creole woman's identity-crisis in the colonial context, the emerging woman's search for self-hood in the post-colonial third world, and the anguished quest of the 'free' woman of the first world for a meaningful life of her own. It is from this perspective that the paper will glance through the experiences of a creole woman of Jamaica and Indian women of two generations; these women–as depicted respectively by Kamala Markandaya, Ruth Prawar Jhabvala, Jean Rhys, Anita Desai and Githa Hariharan–are apparently worlds apart from each other due to the situational-cultural-psychic disparities of their respective space-time continuum, and yet show a strange kinship.
Quest for Identity; Kamala Markandaya; Ruth Prawar Jhabvala; Jean Rhys; Anita Desai; Githa Hariharan.
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