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Volume 1 Issue 4

September 2014

Conrad’s Literary Techniques in Lord Jim
Ms. M. Revathy, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of English, 
RVS College of Engineering & Technology, 
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
The author’s craft, his style and technique, his potent symbols and the use of the point of view all created a fictive world full of promises and surprises for the readers. With skillful selections and purposeful manipulations, the author unfolds the possible meaning of a work. Lord Jim, the rescue and rover, his sea tales are thrilling and suffused in the aroma of romantic adventure, and struggle with the forces of nature. His actualities became clothed with romantic glamour and adventurous exaltation. Edward Albert remarks “a picture through a series of brief sense-impressions, which only reveal their full significance when they finally come together into a complete whole. Such a method makes greater demands upon the reader than the simple direct narrative, but is ideal for the kind of psychological investigation in which Conrad was interested as well as for the creation of a subtle all-pervading atmosphere which gives the story its unity”. (History of English Literature 72). Typical of Conrad's work, Lord Jim emerges from real events to take on a life of its own. Known for his visionary yet dark, poetic prose style, Conrad negotiated among his international nautical settings with detailed views of individual quandaries, especially moral ones. The work is laden with the ambiguities from which Conrad himself seemed to draw the only possibility of truth.
Conrad; Lord Jim; Style and Technique; Narrative Style; Plot; Emotional and Thematic; Sympathy & Judgment; Characterization; Romanticism & Realism; Symbolism in Lord Jim.
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