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Volume 1 Issue 4

September 2014

Polyphonic Resurrections: Violence against Women in Dina Mehta’s Getting Away with Murder
Ms. Surbhi Saraswat, 
Assistant Professor, 
Amity Institute of English Studies & Research, 
Amity University, 
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Dina Mehta’s Getting Away with Murder is a play where the female bodies become the site of contestation. Dina Mehta uses Bakhtin’s theory of polyphony to voice out the predicament of Indian women as all the three women characters have their independent voice but the only thing that holds them together is their helplessness. The idea of victimization hints towards the dichotomy of oppressed and oppressor that is prevalent in the Indian scenes where most of the time women are victims of patriarchy. They suffer physically, psychologically, sexually and economically as they are sometimes deprived of fundamental rights and sometimes deprived of social security, dignity and even self-worth. The play is about the resurrection of three friends, Mallika, Sonali and Raziya, out of their horrendous private hells as they deal with the severe issues of child sexual abuse, gender discrimination, infidelity and insecure relationships. The paper brings to the fore the voices of three women characters who freed themselves from the vicious circle of shame, guilt and humiliation to fight back as a stronger personas.
Polyphonic Resurrections; Violence against Women; Dina Mehta; Getting Away with Murder; Michel Foucault; Bakhtin.
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