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Volume 1 Issue 4

September 2014

Ecofeminism: A Comparative Study of Judith Wright and Oodgeroo Noonuccal
Dr. Anita Sharma, 
Associate Professor, 
Department of English, 
Rajiv Gandhi Government Degree College, 
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

Ms. Bhavna Sharma, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of English, 
Institute of Information Technology and Management, 
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Judith Wright and Oodgeroo Noonuccal, regarded as the greatest poets of Australia, have in different ways but with similar energy and impact celebrated the love for their country in their respective poetry. Their engagement with the environment, social and national concerns is a pervasive presence in their oeuvre. They both are uncompromising environmentalist and social activists who helped to change Australia’s perception by focussing on questions of ecology and conservation. They show their passionate commitment to Australia’s environment and its people by raising their voice at oppression of women linked with the devaluation of land. Their opinion is that human beings are abusing the Mother Earth by recklessly looting all its resources which is causing ecological imbalance. They both wish to raise mankind from the level of dearth. The depth of knowledge that they bring to their works is a product of intense focus upon principle geography- the flora, the fauna and mankind that inspire their words and action. They both were amongst the first high-profile environmentalists in Australia and presaged the massive public campaigns of the late 1960s and 1970s. Their movement towards a literary social ecology enabled them to see the environment as an aspect of the Australian ecology that needed conquering for peaceful and harmonious co-existence.
Ecofeminism; Judith Wright; Oodgeroo Noonuccal; Australian Literature.
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