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Volume 1 Issue 5

October 2014

Feat and Defeat through Assimilation in Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Only Goodness”
Mr. B. Sreekanth Reddy, 
Research Scholar, 
Department of Humanities, 
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University College of Engineering, 
Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India
In Indian cultural tradition, heredity opposes hybridity but in American context this is marked by fluidity. In the larger American cultural paradigm Indian immigrants do not need merely a place for settling down but they search for a position in an indeterminate hybridity to exercise their cultural authority of ‘essential’ Indianness. The overwhelming sense of loss in the short stories of diaspora writers can be assigned exclusively to the concept of alienation and displacement as experienced among the children of immigrant parents, or to the immigrant parents themselves, in the US. Majority of the writings deal with the concept of Diaspora and continually narrate the loss and re-invention of home. These stories form an integral part of the personal narrative structure that accommodates the themes of home and career abroad which are carried back and forth by the various generations of Indian settlers. This repetition is a kind of spatial redistribution that heightens the difference between India and the USA. An effort is made in this article to project the concept of success by assimilating the cultural changes through the character Sudha in the short story “Only Goodness”.
Assimilation; Diaspora Writings; Jhumpa Lahiri; Unaccostomed Earth; “Only Goodness”.
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