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Volume 1 Issue 5

October 2014

Revitalizing the Original: A Translation Study of Benyamin’s Goat Days
Mr. P.T. Safvan, 
Post Graduate Student, 
Department of English, 
The English and Foreign Languages University, 
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
The practice of translation has become an essential pre-requisite of ever expanding social group speaking multiple languages. Maintaining the cultural identity of different communities’ translations of a literary work has also a corresponding obligation to both the reader and author as well. So the translator is to produce in mind of the readers the same emotions, as those produced by the original in the mind of the readers. A proficient piece of work to corroborate it is Aadujeevitham (Goat Days) by Benyamin. The translation of Aadujeevitham by Dr. Joseph as Goat Days follows Skopos theory. With much concern and precision the novel is translated for the target audience taking into consideration the target culture, target purpose and target circumstances. Thus upholding the ethics of translation, Dr. Joseph takes the credit that the dynamic superiority of the original is intact to the source text with “judicious blending” achieving equivalence with the linguistic features. At this juncture, the paper ventures to relocate the responsibility of translator as a bridge for ‘carrying across’ values between cultures though it is argued that translations can but ‘offer us a vague equivalent’ apart from the tensions between two languages, with special reference to Goat Days by Benyamin.
Translation Studies; Benyamin; Goat Days; Aadujeevitham; Joseph Koyippally; Skopos theory.
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