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Volume 1 Issue 6

November 2014

Eco-Phenomenology: An Analysis of the Communion between Women and Environment
Dr. R. Saktheswari, 
Assistant Professor, 
Research Centre of English, 
Fatima College, 
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Ecocriticism is an interdisciplinary study that focuses on the relationship between literature and environment. Indian literature has to its credit so many writers who explore universal subjects along with issues and problems peculiar to India. Vimmi and Shrimati, the protagonists of Parthasarathy’s Ashes and Wisdom and Sudha Murty’s Gently Falls the Bakula, respectively, are the suppressed women who crave to find their real selves. Environment plays a major role in their lives both in realization and redemption. The theoretical aspect of the paper focuses on Eco-phenomenology, the space that obliterates the subject object notion and develops participatory intimacy. Environment paves the way for establishing feminine identity — Shrimati’s association and analysis of places give a concrete stature to abstract ideas and reassure her scholarship; Vimmi’s contact with the outer world brings out the artist in her.
Ecocriticism; Phenomenology; Eco-phenomenology; Women; Environment; Indira Parthasarathy; Ashes and Wisdom; Sudha Murty; Gently Falls the Bakula.
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