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Volume 1 Issue 6

November 2014

Ecological Stress and Ecological Crises: Lived Realities in Irai Anbu’s On the Banks of the River
Dr. M. Rosary Royar, 
Associate Professor (Retd.), 
Research Centre of English, 
Fatima College, 
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
The article focuses on the bureaucratic power creating ecological stress to the tribal community living on the bank of the river. The tribal group’s opposition is not a matter of significance for the state authorities who orchestrate every event to win the forthcoming election and retain its power. One group of villagers get evacuated and settled in barren land; the people on the banks of the river resist but the authorities construct the dam; eventually the flood washes away the entire village for the natural flow of the river has been obstructed; the people wait in a place for relief measures from people and organizations and refuse to accept it from the government which has destabilized them once and for all. The open ended note depicts the devastation caused willfully against a powerless sect by the powerful people. Mere existence itself poses a threat to them.
Ecological Stress; Ecological Crises; Gaia consciousness; Dislocation; Resettlement; Environmental Degradation; Irai Anbu; On the Banks of the River.
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