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Volume 1 Issue 6

November 2014

A Study of Sapphism and Social Ostracism in Vijay Tendulkar’s A Friend’s Story
Ms. Basanti Karmakar, 
Department of English, 
Dhaniakhali Pankajini Devi Girls High School, 
Hooghly, West Bengal, India
Mitrachi Goshta or A Friend’s Story by veteran Marathi dramatist Vijay Tendulkar is about a lesbian girl, and her tragic demise of life. The play gradually becomes a stark commentary on both homosexuality and heterosexuality in the context of Indian society. The article presents not only a lesbian girl in her late adolescent period, but it shows the attitude of society towards such different persons. The protagonist of the play, Sumitra Dev, whose character is based on a real life lesbian girl, had attempted suicide twice in this play, with success at the second time. She first attempted when she came to know about her difference, about her inability to build up a ‘normal’ physical relationship with any male. Mitra’s first willingly attempted of suicide. But her second suicidial attempt was forced though she found her love in life. Society strangled her to death, just because she was unable to abide by society’s norms. Mitrachi Ghosta though written in 1970’s was staged first only on 15th August, 1981 and it is much ahead of its time and represents the cultural relevance of its theme even today.
Lesbianism; Psychological Complexity; Patriarchal Society; Vijay Tendulkar; A Friend's Story.
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