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Volume 1 Issue 7

December 2014

Re-Examination of History in Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines
Ms. Jolsana Baby, 
Researcher, R&D Centre, 
Bharathiar University, 
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Dr. P. Jeyappriya, 
Associate Professor, 
Department of English, 
Mother Teresa Women’s University, 
Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India
History in the milieu of literature can no longer document only grand incidents and great characters of history. History in Amitav Ghosh’s oeuvre is not only a narrative of historical events but also a means of creating an interconnection between the historical events and the ordinary people living during the times. The opening of the novel itself clouts history, as does the background of wars against which the narrator plots his own history and that of others. The Shadow Lines starts in colonial India, goes through the creation of East Pakistan and the following communal riots in the 1960s and concludes in London in 1979. It moves back and forth in time and space, going away and returning home both geographically and intellectually.
History;Communal Riots;Freedom movement;Amitav Ghosh; The Shadow Lines
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